How to feed molly fish to get them breeding?

To encourage molly fish to breed, it is important to provide them with a healthy and varied diet. A varied diet will help to ensure that the fish are receiving all of the nutrients they need to support the breeding process. Some good options for feeding molly fish to encourage breeding include: Live or frozen foods: Live or frozen foods

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Feeding Mollies

molly fish feeding

Beginners guide for feeding Mollies What is good food for Mollies? What do mollies eat? Just flakes and thats it? We are going to look at some of the good and the bad. It is important that you are feeding right food and right amount to your mollies. Otherwise your precious mollies will end up getting sick or even worse.

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Baby Mollies

baby mollies

How to care for your newborn Baby Mollies You got baby mollies! Good job! Everybody loves baby mollies. They are fun to watch and gives more life to your aquarium. But what to do with baby mollies? How to feed them? Here’s some basic information and tips to get you started. Tank The pregnant molly is supposed to be isolated into

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