Best Molly Fish Tank Mates. How to avoid clashes?

molly fish tank matesNobody wants to live alone. Same goes with mollies, but what fish are good tank mates for mollies? Lets find out! Here are some of the picks for tank mates that we think would go nicely with mollies. We try to look for affordable, hassle free tank mates that are easy to get hold of at your local pet store.

Best, easiest and cheap tank mates for Mollies


Guppies are live bearers. They are good tank mates for mollies cheap and almost every shop will stock them. There’s plenty of different colour. They are also easy to care.


Platy’s are also recommended as tank mates for mollies. They are easy going livebearers and there’s so much different colours you can choose from. Platies eat similar food as mollies so that is a huge bonus.


Swordtails. Again livebearers. Little bit more aggressive than platies, but not too bad. Just don’t mix too many males as they tend to fight little bit. Cheap and plenty of shops stock them.


Shrimps! We love them. Aquarium janitors. Keeping algae levels in control and eating any food that is around. Just try to keep the number down. Mollies will probably eat young shrimp, but if you give them some sort of shelter (Java Moss) they will multiply in few months. Get some bright coloured shrimps. Shrimps are fun to watch and keeps things tidy, but remember to do water changes and regular cleaning. They are not miracle workers!


Snails are usually harmless, but the population can quickly explode and get out of control, so you need to be extra careful if you want to keep them in your tank. We recommend having few assassin snails if you want to keep snail snail population in control. Just in case if you get unwanted snails from.

So there you have it. Basically we like having livebearers in same tank with mollies. Don’t forget to have plenty of plants, rocks and wood to provide enough cover for baby mollies and hiding places for females.

What do you think of our short list? Is something missing?


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